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Re: [E-devel] E CVS: libs/engrave leviathan

On 1/2/07, dan sinclair <zero@perplexity.org> wrote:

Thanks for picking this up. We've been kind of ignoring it as nothing
has been using it. As an aside, engrave currently has problems with the
e17.edj theme from EWL. It isn't able to find the main theme file.

Okay I looked at the EWL e17 theme, and there are two problems with engrave
regarding that:

1 - the e17 theme uses a feature from edje that allows you to use
single-word unquoted strings, which the parser didn't recognize. I
implemented a fix, it seems to be working, but I need to test it more before
I commit it.

2 - the theme also uses un-named parts, for which engrave_out will output a
name: "(null)"; and thus edje_cc won't compile it. This is easily solved by
checking if the name exist before writing that line out, but I'm wondering
if there are other edc statements that can be omitted too.

So anyway, I will commit the changes tonight when I'm back home.

Not sure if you noticed but Engrave had the start of a 'canvas' widget
to allow people to edit .edc files. It was started, and could do
text/rects/images I believe at one point but is probably terribly out of
date with respect to the edje calc code. Feel free to rip the _canvas
stuff out if you don't think it's worth it but might be handy to have
editing code all in one library.

I haven't looked at the canvas code cause my main concern was updating the
parser to add the missing edje stuff, I'll have a look at it next.

Chady 'Leviathan' Kassouf