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Re: [E-devel] Window out of Screen?

Am Fri, 29 Dec 2006 10:50:47 +0900 schrieb Carsten Haitzler (The

> > This happens because I use synaptic on my notebook with a bigger
> > resolution. If I open it with ssh on my pc I couldn't resize the
> > windows height. Ok, this could happen, but I expect that the
> > "maximize window" button should maximize the window _not_ under the
> > shelf. I found out that maximize behaves wrong if the window is
> > slightly below a shelf. You could easily reproduce it:
> well 1. that's because the app asks to be that size as it "remembers"
> its own size and asks for it again next time it runs.

Ok, but E17 is the window manager. A window couldn't force its size as
I understand it. So why shoudln't E17 limit the max size to screen size
even if the app requests a bigger size.

Same with window position. If a app requests a position outside a
window E17 should simply move it so that it's complete inside the
viewable screen.

I think such a policy would solve most of the problems. You should see
it with the users eyes. Which E17 user hadn't yet seen this too big
opened windows and missplaced dialog windows? 

> > Do you think this behaviour is good? I don't think so.
> it just happens to be how it works as unlike maximize routines in
> other wm's/desktops it is extremely generic and handles all sorts of
> obstacles of all shapes and sizes everywhere. it just happens to be
> how it's written and you see a bi-product of it.

I had never problems like this with e.g. Metacity. (Ok, I've other
problems with Metacity, but that's another story...) It's too easy to
say: "stupid application!" We couldn't rewrite all apllications or
use alternatives :-)