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Re: [E-devel] Custom screensaver to override E's desklock (work in progress)....

Nikolas Arend wrote:
Brian Mattern wrote:
Do you have the PAM headers installed? Is pam support getting compiled
in when you build e (check the value of HAVE_PAM in

(We probably need to fix desklock to not lock if pam isn't compiled in.)

Yes, headers are installed and are obviously found ok by configure. We've been through this in another thread and it seems that it's a SuSE specific PAM config problem. Sigh...

In order to have locking and screen-saving decoupled, I think there should be two custom command lines, one for the screensaver and the other one for the desklock command. The "Lock when the screensaver starts" option should be deactivated (greyed out) as soon as there is a custom screensaver command defined (which should take care of whether or not to lock the screen when starting). The custom desklock command should only be used when an explicit screen lock (e.g. launching "Lock Screen" from the system menu) is requested.

This makes sense. Possibly coupled with the above suggestion from
raster. So, a dropdown/ilist for each, with a button to add a new one?

That would be convenient for those who don't like to fiddle with xscreensaver/xlock/whatever command line options and flexible enough for everybody else.

Forgot... maybe s.th. like a "Test screensaver" button owould be good to see if the chosen custom command does what it's supposed to do?