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Re: [E-devel] Custom screensaver to override E's desklock (work in progress)....

raster said:
> I don't see any problem with this feature :) setting a command is ok- though
> what i think would be better is to have .desktop files with the screensaver
> commands and then just select from ones (maybe of Type=Screensaver) so you can
> pre-package configs for xscreensaver and other screensaver 3rd party apps out
> there.

This is a good idea, but having to pre-guess which possible screensaver
programs one may want to use isn't ideal. So, we'd at least need a "add
screensaver" option that builds the .desktop file.

Nikolas Arend said:
> The current/new implememtation of the screensaver and desklock settings 
> is not exactly what I was hoping for and IMHO not consistent.
> Although I can set a custom screensaver/desklock command, this command 
> will be used for both screen-saving and desklocking as far as I can see. 
> So when I set "Enable X screensaver" leaving "Lock when the screensaver 
> starts" unchecked, but use "xlock" as my custom screensaver/desklock 
> command (since I have problems with PAM), this command is used every 
> time the screensaver activates (and of course locking my screen which I 
> don't want).

Do you have the PAM headers installed? Is pam support getting compiled
in when you build e (check the value of HAVE_PAM in

(We probably need to fix desklock to not lock if pam isn't compiled in.)

> In order to have locking and screen-saving decoupled, I think there 
> should be two custom command lines, one for the screensaver and the 
> other one for the desklock command. The "Lock when the screensaver 
> starts" option should be deactivated (greyed out) as soon as there is a 
> custom screensaver command defined (which should take care of whether or 
> not to lock the screen when starting).
> The custom desklock command should only be used when an explicit screen 
> lock (e.g. launching "Lock Screen" from the system menu) is requested.

This makes sense. Possibly coupled with the above suggestion from
raster. So, a dropdown/ilist for each, with a button to add a new one?