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Re: [E-devel] Custom screensaver to override E's desklock (work in progress)....

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
I don't see any problem with this feature :) setting a command is ok- though
what i think would be better is to have .desktop files with the screensaver
commands and then just select from ones (maybe of Type=Screensaver) so you can
pre-package configs for xscreensaver and other screensaver 3rd party apps out

The current/new implememtation of the screensaver and desklock settings is not exactly what I was hoping for and IMHO not consistent. Although I can set a custom screensaver/desklock command, this command will be used for both screen-saving and desklocking as far as I can see. So when I set "Enable X screensaver" leaving "Lock when the screensaver starts" unchecked, but use "xlock" as my custom screensaver/desklock command (since I have problems with PAM), this command is used every time the screensaver activates (and of course locking my screen which I don't want). In order to have locking and screen-saving decoupled, I think there should be two custom command lines, one for the screensaver and the other one for the desklock command. The "Lock when the screensaver starts" option should be deactivated (greyed out) as soon as there is a custom screensaver command defined (which should take care of whether or not to lock the screen when starting). The custom desklock command should only be used when an explicit screen lock (e.g. launching "Lock Screen" from the system menu) is requested.

Hope that makes sense.

Cheers,   Nick.