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Re: [E-devel] SVG support

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 22:15:11 +0200 "Luchezar P. Petkov"
<luchezar.petkov@gmail.com> babbled:

> Hi again
> Again - about the SVG support in E(FL).
> As I'm not a hacker, I'd like you to explain me if it is possible to
> combine somehow edje/svg, or to use SVG icons in E17 (not to convert SVG
> to bitmap, to use plain, normal SVG files).

1. load times will be slower
2. we will then REQUIRE librsvg for basic functionality (it is now optional)
3. the svg loader can only load from a file, not from a .eet archive
4. apple got it right - use high res bitmaps for icons, but let the DESIGNERS
work with vectors (and let them combine vector and bitmap and do whatever they
like) IMHO.

> I'm writing this because I was reading one discussion about SVG support
> in Apple's OS X and that they will support 300+ px icons, which, as you
> can imagine is very nice...

they simply will make their icons 320x320 instead of 128x128 - that's all.

> You know that when I commit an icon it's size is scaled down/up
> depending on the font size (or something esle) by Evas. If it is a
> vector grapchic (SVG) not a bitmap we wont lose so much quality. And so,

scaling down - you don't lose anything really, scaling up you will. i chose
64x64 as a compromise between memory usage and quality for the icons in e's
themes. it's big enough for most of our uses.

> I could draw my SVG icons,  and then they will be able to be scaled
> down/up with more quality- even, when we have icons on the desktop
> support we may have very nice 300x300 icons there. Hopefully you
> understood what I meant. And hopefully such SVG support is technically
> possible

have you USED 300x300 icons? they are HUGE. it's impractical to use icons that
big. it's sheer novelty value.

NB - your icons will looks significantly worse at 300x300 as you 1. have less
detail in them and 2. you have got inaccurate vectors in your icons - these
errors vanish when scaled down, but when made large, you see them easily.

> -Mano

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