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Re: [E-devel] Evas GL engine patch

On Sun, 10 Dec 2006 12:37:20 +0100 Simon TRENY <simon.treny@free.fr> babbled:

> Hi,
> The GL engine of Evas has an annoying bug when you want to create
> several windows using this engine: when you create or resize a window,
> all the other windows already created are not redrawn correcly, only
> the last created/resized window has no problem. I've attached a
> shot that shows what happens when you create a new window while there
> is an existing window that already uses the GL engine. Please have a
> look at it if you want to understand the problem.
> So, in this example, the "Etk Test Application" is created first,
> and when the "Entry" button is clicked, the "Etk Entry Test" window is
> created. You can see that the "Etk Test Application" is no longer
> rendered correctly. Actually, only the part of the window that is
> inside the red rectangle (added with the Gimp) is correctly refreshed,
> the other part of the window does not refresh anymore. You can also
> notice that the red rectangle has exactly the same size as the "Etk
> Entry Test" window.
> In fact, the problem is that when you create/resize a window,
> _evas_gl_common_viewport_set() is called, and this function changes the
> GL viewport and the view matrices. The thing is, these changes affect
> all the windows, not only the created/resized window. A way to fix that
> would be to call _evas_gl_common_viewport_set() each time a window is
> rendered, before the rendering process begins (at the start of the
> function evas_render_updates_internal() for example). Only thing, I
> can't see a function that is called at the start of the rendering
> process in the engine API (something like pre_render()).
> I've written a small patch that calls _evas_gl_common_viewport_set() in
> the eng_output_redraws_rect_add() method of the gl_x11 engine (because
> this method is called at the start of the rendering process) just as a
> proof that it could fix the bug, but this is definitely not the place
> to put this code. The patch is attached.
> Please tell me what you think.

that patch will do (not perfect - i think it's just masking the problem, but it
shouldn't cause problems, and if ti fixes it for now - good). patch into my
local tree - when i commit my latest changes it will go in. :)

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