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Re: [E-devel] Window out of Screen?

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 11:45:22 +0100 Andreas Volz <lists@brachttal.net> babbled:

> Am Wed, 6 Dec 2006 08:33:42 +0900 schrieb Carsten Haitzler (The
> Rasterman):
> > e itself will not do this. it's automatic window placement algorithm
> > keeps a window on screen - always. what you are seeing is a badly
> > behaved app - hell a java app. when it comes to java apps i wipe my
> > hands clean - java is one of the most horridly incorrect things in x
> > when it comes to doing the right thing. tvbrowser is probably asking
> > to be placed there and thus e is doing just what it asked. as java
> > apps attempt to mimick windows and hack it to work that way in x -
> > they end up behaving horridly as this isnt windows. this is x. you
> > actually have a wm - windows does not (apps manage their own windows).
> > 
> > so
> > 1. stop using that java app - it's simply bad. in fact in general
> > just avoid java apps. awt's x layer is just horrid and wrong (and yes
> > swing goes thru the awt windowing layer).
> > 2. complain to the tvbrowser author. his app is asking to be placed
> > there. e is doing just what it is asked to do. if it wasn't asked it
> > would place the app somewhere it wanted to (NB - if the app does
> > provide enough unique information like name/class/role etc.
> > 3. you can use e's locks and remember features to 1. lock the app
> > from moving itself (or resizing), 1. tell e to remember where to put
> > it and size it and e will then ignore anything the app has asked on
> > startup and simply enforce your desires as a user.
> > 
> > 3 is a workaround for bad/broken apps. it doesn't change the fact
> > that the app is still "bad". (and yes if you mail the author he will
> > say "it works for me" likely - and chances are he is using a
> > different wm - and if you read java's awt code it has DIFFERENT code
> > for DIFFERENT wm's thus java will behave differently depending on the
> > wm. if it doesn't know what the wm is it will default to some
> > entirely bogus/stupid defaults that are brain-dead hacks).
> Hello,
> here is again an example for a app with too big window size:
> http://tux-style.de/tmp/big-e17-window.jpg
> This happens because I use synaptic on my notebook with a bigger
> resolution. If I open it with ssh on my pc I couldn't resize the
> windows height. Ok, this could happen, but I expect that the "maximize
> window" button should maximize the window _not_ under the shelf. I found
> out that maximize behaves wrong if the window is slightly below a
> shelf. You could easily reproduce it:

well 1. that's because the app asks to be that size as it "remembers" its own
size and asks for it again next time it runs.

> - Set "Smart Placement"
> - Open a window
> - Maximize it
> - window is maximized and the lower shelf isn't overlapped (OK)
> - unmaximize it
> - move it "under" the lower shelf
> - maximize it
> - the window size is same as complete screen and under the shelf (NOK)
> If the start size of a window is very big, there's no possibility to
> lower the max size, because the default theme couldn't change window
> size at the top border (Why?).

i didnt' put a resize handle there after watching my parents struggle with
dragging a window by the titlebar and often accidentally resizing one, so to be
generous to people with less-than-stellar mouse skills, i simply didnt put one
in the default theme.

yes there is a way though. alt+ left mouse to move the window so the bottom/left
borders are exposed then resize the bottom=-right corner OR alt+middle mouse to
resize anywhere.

> Do you think this behaviour is good? I don't think so.

it just happens to be how it works as unlike maximize routines in other
wm's/desktops it is extremely generic and handles all sorts of obstacles of all
shapes and sizes everywhere. it just happens to be how it's written and you see
a bi-product of it.

> regards
> Andreas
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