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Re: [E-devel] Window out of Screen?

I think this behaviour is OK, 'cause like this you can maximize a specific
window to the whole screen without changing the settings (wich can come
handy if you have a not-screenwide shelf). You can always resize the window
with ALT+MiddleButton, even if you dont see the borders.

2006/12/26, Andreas Volz <lists@brachttal.net>:

Am Wed, 6 Dec 2006 08:33:42 +0900 schrieb Carsten Haitzler (The

> e itself will not do this. it's automatic window placement algorithm
> keeps a window on screen - always. what you are seeing is a badly
> behaved app - hell a java app. when it comes to java apps i wipe my
> hands clean - java is one of the most horridly incorrect things in x
> when it comes to doing the right thing. tvbrowser is probably asking
> to be placed there and thus e is doing just what it asked. as java
> apps attempt to mimick windows and hack it to work that way in x -
> they end up behaving horridly as this isnt windows. this is x. you
> actually have a wm - windows does not (apps manage their own windows).
> so
> 1. stop using that java app - it's simply bad. in fact in general
> just avoid java apps. awt's x layer is just horrid and wrong (and yes
> swing goes thru the awt windowing layer).
> 2. complain to the tvbrowser author. his app is asking to be placed
> there. e is doing just what it is asked to do. if it wasn't asked it
> would place the app somewhere it wanted to (NB - if the app does
> provide enough unique information like name/class/role etc.
> 3. you can use e's locks and remember features to 1. lock the app
> from moving itself (or resizing), 1. tell e to remember where to put
> it and size it and e will then ignore anything the app has asked on
> startup and simply enforce your desires as a user.
> 3 is a workaround for bad/broken apps. it doesn't change the fact
> that the app is still "bad". (and yes if you mail the author he will
> say "it works for me" likely - and chances are he is using a
> different wm - and if you read java's awt code it has DIFFERENT code
> for DIFFERENT wm's thus java will behave differently depending on the
> wm. if it doesn't know what the wm is it will default to some
> entirely bogus/stupid defaults that are brain-dead hacks).


here is again an example for a app with too big window size:


This happens because I use synaptic on my notebook with a bigger
resolution. If I open it with ssh on my pc I couldn't resize the
windows height. Ok, this could happen, but I expect that the "maximize
window" button should maximize the window _not_ under the shelf. I found
out that maximize behaves wrong if the window is slightly below a
shelf. You could easily reproduce it:

- Set "Smart Placement"
- Open a window
- Maximize it
- window is maximized and the lower shelf isn't overlapped (OK)
- unmaximize it
- move it "under" the lower shelf
- maximize it
- the window size is same as complete screen and under the shelf (NOK)

If the start size of a window is very big, there's no possibility to
lower the max size, because the default theme couldn't change window
size at the top border (Why?).

Do you think this behaviour is good? I don't think so.


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