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Re: [E-devel] edje_editor: first snapshot!

Aleksej Struk ha scritto:
On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 06:29:55AM +0100, DaveMDS wrote:
Hi all,
I have done a first  snapshot of the edje_editor source .
this is the link

Well, the editor looks kewl for me. I think it will be really usefull.

The only thing I've noticed, that when I add, for example, rectangle,
some new config widgets appers in the window, and main window changes
it's size. Unfortunatelly for me, the size of the main window became
greater than my screen resolution (1280x800), and the part of the window
go offscreen.
Yes, a know problem ( I have done all the work at 1600x1200 ).
Some Idea?
I have to change  all the  widget placement ?

But generally speaking, the editor is really nice.

It's the very first release so expect various segv

just type make and RUN IN PLACE.

NOTE: The file you are workin on must have a
name, so save at least once before inserting parts

Hope you like the work.


PS: the program need glib2 to run and complile.
This is because I have started the project with a
gtk interface. And I have made intensive use of gstring.
Hope I will make a version without glib in a short time.

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