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Re: [E-devel] edje_editor: first snapshot!

simon.treny@free.fr ha scritto:
Selon DaveMDS <list@gurumeditation.it>:

Hi all,
I have done a first  snapshot of the edje_editor source .
this is the link

It's the very first release so expect various segv

just type make and RUN IN PLACE.

NOTE: The file you are workin on must have a
name, so save at least once before inserting parts

Hope you like the work.


PS: the program need glib2 to run and complile.
This is because I have started the project with a
gtk interface. And I have made intensive use of gstring.
Hope I will make a version without glib in a short time.

I haven't tested the app and read the code yet, but maybe you could use
Etk_String instead of gstring. It supports most of the things supported by
GString iirc.
Thanks I will give some test with Etk_String.