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Re: [E-devel] export of LD_LIBRARY_PATH in e_start_main.c

On Sunday, 17 December 2006, at 22:13:05 (-0500),
Mike Frysinger wrote:

> it sounds like you're trying to compensate for people who fucked up
> their install and dont know how to properly do things and thereby
> screwing over correct setups ...
> if you're honestly trying to make this useful instead of pandering
> to misconfiguration, why not utilize ELF RUNPATHs ?  encode both the
> absolute libdir path and/or $ORIGIN/../lib ...

Does anyone else find it ironic that Mike is pointing out a very good
and valid use of RPATH while all the Fedorons have forbid its use
completely?  Score one for Gentoo (or at least the intelligence level
of its developers).


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