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Re: [E-devel] bittorrent.ico causes segfault

Thomas C R Spurden wrote:
Updated e from CVS a few hours ago, and now I get a segfault whenever e
runs across bittorrent.ico, i.e. in the apps menu (as you try to open
it e segv's) and the run box - anything which brings up bittorrent's
icon will make e segfault.

Attached is the backtrace of the segfault and bittorrent.ico (gzip'ed)

I'm happy to help in any way I can,

Thomas C R Spurden

I have just committed a fix for this issue (have been hunting it all day with people on irc) that should correct the issue. Basically the problem was that evas was trying to make comparisons on image data, without checking that there actually was image data.

Update your cvs evas a little later and it "should" be fixed.