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[E-devel] etk - scroll - text_view

hello ;)

I write a application with the ETK library. I need to add a scrollbar in
a text_view but my scrollbar don't appears.

My code:
                frame = etk_frame_new("hehe");
                	etk_container_add(ETK_CONTAINER(vbox), frame);
                	scroll = etk_scrolled_view_new ();
                	etk_container_add(ETK_CONTAINER(frame), scroll);
                	abouttext = etk_text_view_new();
                	etk_widget_size_request_set(abouttext, -1, 300);
                                etk_object_properties_set(ETK_OBJECT(abouttext),"focusable", ETK_FALSE, NULL);
                	etk_container_add(ETK_CONTAINER(scroll), abouttext);
I don't see all my text because the text_view's size is not enough,
that's why I want use a scroll bar. 

Any ideas ? We can't add a scroll in a text_view atm ?