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Re: [E-devel] Custom screensaver to override E's desklock (work in progress)....

Ravenlock wrote:
> On 12/17/2006 19:55, Ravenlock wrote:
>> On 12/17/2006 10:00, Ravenlock wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Hoping for comments on the attached patch.
>>> The patch will add "Advanced" features to the Configuration Panel -> Screen -> Screen Lock panel.  You can choose to override the "Lock Screen" functionality of E, and/or the E Screensaver with a "Custom Screensaver" which can be any executable you choose.
>> A slight update.
>> The only notable changes:
>>   1)  I've changed the config dialog to use minutes in stead of seconds.
>>   2)  Changed the range from 10 min max (600 seconds) to 90 minutes max.
>>   3)  bumped the E_CONFIG_FILE_GENERATION from 0x105 to 0x106
> Final update until/unless there is some feedback.  There may be no interest in this though I find it useful.
> Notable changes:
>    1) IPC code in place
>    2) Fixed memory leak wrt _e_config_free()
> Regards.


as I'm somebody with desklock-related PAM problems, I naturally have interest in something like this. On the other hand... I'm not an e-developer and cannot decide whether it'll make it into the code. I must admit I haven't tried the patch (relying on xlock atm.), but would like to see the e-devs having look at it.

Best,  Nick.
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