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Re: [E-devel] export of LD_LIBRARY_PATH in e_start_main.c

On Sunday 17 December 2006 17:54, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> this is part of the setup that enlightenment_start does to make sure e
> finds libraries in the prefix it's installed in. basically this is there
> for when people install, e17, evas, eet, etc. in, for example, /opt/e17 or
> /usr/local which is the default, and on linux DONT add /opt/e17/lib to
> /etc/ld.so.conf or if on bsd DONT add it to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. this means
> that things "just work". e also adds to $PATH too to make sure it can
> execute things in its own install prefix. it detects this on the fly at
> runtime because e is actually relocatable at runtime and doesnt need a
> recompile to be moved. this also handles the problem where users do silly
> things like install libs multiple times in different prefixes - the
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH makes the "prefix local" libs preferred over others (i.e.
> the ones e17 was most likely compiled against).

it sounds like you're trying to compensate for people who fucked up their 
install and dont know how to properly do things and thereby screwing over 
correct setups ...

if you're honestly trying to make this useful instead of pandering to 
misconfiguration, why not utilize ELF RUNPATHs ?  encode both the absolute 
libdir path and/or $ORIGIN/../lib ...

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