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Re: [E-devel] Strange mouse button click event

On 12/16/06, blak <blakflow@gmail.com> wrote:

I have noticed some strange mouse click behaviour(IMHO)
For example I open an About e17 window, move mouse cursor on the Ok
button, then I press down mouse button, move mouse out of the Ok
button(but not away from About window) and release mouse button. Then
somewhere in the same window I press again mouse button, move cursor to
the Ok button and release mouse button and About window is closed. I
think that such behaviour rarely can cause accidentals clicks(as was
when I noticed this).

Ah, nice catch.  I think I've had this happen to me in the past and
thought I was just going crazy!  I was able to reproduce what you
found without fail, on multiple windows (not just the About, as was
your example).

One thing I found even a bit more interesting was what happens when
you have more than one button on the form.  Lets say you have Button1,
Button2, and Button3.  If you do the MouseIn-MoveAway-MouseOut from
Button1, if you were then to MouseIn-MoveToButton2-MouseOut, the
defect does not occur.  If you then do the MouseIn-MoveAway-MouseOut
from Button2, and then try the fake click on Button3 the defect again
doesn't happen, but if you did the fake click back against Button1,
the defect exists.  Basically, this example is trying to say that if
you do the In-Away-Release on a button that button is a target for the
bug to occur on for the life of the form.

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