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Re: [E-devel] Why is it not up to the user to create GL context?

> Thanks for the very elaborate answers on previous questions
> (which for my part boiled pretty much down to "Ok, I'll just
> wait and see the outcome"). Anyway, first question to reopen
> the discussion of embedding OpenGL is this:
> Why is creation of OpenGL rendering context handled by Evas
> (or whoever it is) itself? The user has a fine control of
> creation of X11 resources, therefore in my eyes it would seem
> a natural extension to this frame of mind that the user can
> control how GL resources should be handled also.
	I think we covered that a bit in a previous email --
namely, evas is basically a retained-mode canvas lib, with the
particular rendering 'engine' driving a certain display target
not really being a 'user' feature -- up to now.. I guess one
could modify the current gl-x11 engine to do this.

	You could write a new gl engine, one that renders to a
gl pbuffer or texture, and there you could expose the gl context
if you wish. This could be very useful, and a great exercise
in learning about evas. :)

	Similarly, as per previous comments by raster as well
(and he actually started to put some of this in place), you
could start to play with implementing 'setting' gl specific
buffers on an evas image object.

> My motivation for asking lies in the concept I proposed last
> I wrote, namely a video-processing framework based on a shared
> OpenGL context (i.e. indirect rendering which will make it
> possible to use textures, shader-programs etc shared between
> processes).
> Thanks, Rene Jensen

	Sounds great. :)  I think maybe you could try and speak
with moom (Simon) and raster about these gl questions a bit..
or with anyone else who knows something about gl and evas, maybe
on #edevelop.. I know nothing about gl.