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Re: [E-devel] Evas GL engine patch

> >	One thing though.. If one needs to have the 'viewport' and
> > 'view matrices' set for each rendering pass, then I would say
> > that this should maybe be done per obj, ie. in the internal
> > engine render functions of each object... ?? Or does this only
> > affect the way the gl render buffer gets 'put' on the screen?
> Yes, changing the GL viewport only affects the place where the
> whole scene is rendered in the window. You can for example create
> two viewports if you want to split the screen in 2 parts, like in
> multiplayer games on game consoles.

	I see... Thanks Simon. Well, even if you think your patch
doesn't put those calls in the 'best' place they could be, if it
solves the current gl drawing problems then I'd vote for applying it.

	Maybe you and rene (aka. centipede) can get together and
see if you guys can do something more for the gl engine... :)