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[E-devel] What's with the many widget kits?

If anybody could clarify a small matter of confusion for me, I would be
much less in the dark regarding development of various widget libraries.

So far I haven't decided whether I should go for ETK or EWL. When
searching the code recently, it came to my attention that even the e-cvs
repository had ANOTHER set of widgets which looked rather selfcontained. I
may be wrong about that though, but clearly I could spot code for an entry
widget which handled string insertion and deletion. Similar code was in
both E and EWL (and probably also ETK).

Given this is true, please tell me if any of the widget sets are
specifically endowed by the core developers. (Can I even ask this without
stirring a heated discussion between groups of developers).

One reason for concern is the old issue of how control of widget theming
will happen. E.g. who controls the color of text of buttons?

Another is the obvious of being a bit concerned that I may have to move my
interface code some day.

Regards, Rene Jensen