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[E-devel] SVG support

Hi again
Again - about the SVG support in E(FL).
As I'm not a hacker, I'd like you to explain me if it is possible to
combine somehow edje/svg, or to use SVG icons in E17 (not to convert SVG
to bitmap, to use plain, normal SVG files).
I'm writing this because I was reading one discussion about SVG support
in Apple's OS X and that they will support 300+ px icons, which, as you
can imagine is very nice...
You know that when I commit an icon it's size is scaled down/up
depending on the font size (or something esle) by Evas. If it is a
vector grapchic (SVG) not a bitmap we wont lose so much quality. And so,
I could draw my SVG icons,  and then they will be able to be scaled
down/up with more quality- even, when we have icons on the desktop
support we may have very nice 300x300 icons there. Hopefully you
understood what I meant. And hopefully such SVG support is technically


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