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Re: [E-devel] Mixer / Mouse bindings bug

Zach Goldberg wrote:

<----- snip ----- >

Also, just to confirm: the extra mouse buttons im getting that cause problems are not in the wheel category their just under Mouse Buttons, "Extra Button (0)". And, even after following your steps, the only way I have of regenerating those 3 extra bindings is to have the mixer module loaded. Now, this may be important as I didnt mention it before, my mouse DOES have 3 extra buttons on the left. But if i delete those bindings, they still shoudln't come back, no? I delete them, restart e, and they're back. This of course, consistenly, only happens if mixer is loaded.


Very very odd. With the mixer loaded here I do not get any Extra Buttons to show in the list. I looked through the mixer code, but did not see any problems there. I suspect this has something todo with the extra buttons on your mouse.