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Re: [E-devel] Mixer / Mouse bindings bug

Christopher Michael wrote:
Christopher Michael wrote:
Zachary Goldberg wrote:
Yes, 2 things not usually in the same sentence but i've finally
located the source of the mouse bindings bug: the mixer module.

Upon restarting e 3 extra mouse bindings for "Extra mouse button" are
added.  For some reason the appearance of these 3 bindings prevents my
scroll wheel from working.

Fix: Unload the mixer module.  When the module is unloaded the
bindings to not re-appear.  But if its loaded, they do.  This is
distinctly and consistently reproducible on my machine.


Looking into this :)


After a bit of digging and testing, I've found that the problem is not in the mixer module. The problem seems to be in the mousebindings dialog, when the Restore Mouse and Wheel Defaults button is used. To reproduce, With the mixer module totally unloaded and a fresh E restart (just to be sure), go into the mouse bindings dialog and delete all bindings for the Mouse Wheel. (I gave E another restart after this, just to be sure)...Now go back into the Mouse Bindings dialog and restore defaults...oops, there they are again :)

Looking into that portion now.


Doubly Confirmed...removed all old ~/.e files and restarted with a fresh E config...the extra bindings are there :(