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Re: [E-devel] bug in imlib2

	Kim wrote:

> As the maintainer of e16 which relies on imlib2 I'm definitely
> interested in getting bugs in imlib2 fixed. e16 doesn't use the
> line drawing stuff though, so I'm not familiar with that part of
> the code.
> Raster usually sooner or later gets around to attend to imlib2
> patches. However, I think the code in question was written by you,
> jose, so if you could be bothered to take 2 minutes to check if
> the patch is good, I'll be happy to commit it :)

	Raster is a human dynamo, but I think even he is getting
a bit strecthed out.

	As to the imlib2 code in question.. Yes, I was the indeed
the author of those particular bugs.

	The patch seems ok (it's been so long I can't recall much
of that code either). Likely evas will need it as well. I'd actually
meant to replace the evas line code for some time now.. but there
are always other things to do. Also, lately I've been thinking about
what to do regarding.... cvs.