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Re: [E-devel] e_modules net and wlan fixes

On Wednesday, 06 December 2006, at 03:29:48 (+1000),
David Seikel wrote:

> The net module is trying to show a speedometer bar, so we need to
> know the maximum speed in order to be able to determine which
> percentage of the maximum speed, and therefore which percentage of
> the maximum sized bar to show.  ci->max is the MTU (Maximum Transfer
> Unit), which is the maximum size a single packet can be, and not at
> all related to how fast those packets travel.  There is no system
> provided number that you can look at to find out the maximum speed
> of any particular network interface, as the speed is likely capped
> at the ISPs equipment.  The best you can do is to either track the
> fastest speed through the interface, or ask the user what speed they
> are supposed to be getting.

FWIW, the epplets I wrote kept track of the highest speed they'd seen
while running to use for the "max."  It wasn't perfect, but it was

> I eventually want to replace all these system monitoring modules
> with some common code that resembles the way that gkrellm handles
> graphs.

To be blunt, if people wanted things the way gkrellm did them, they'd
be using gkrellm.


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