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Re: [E-devel] bug in imlib2

> imlib_image_draw_line has a bug in which it fails to draw a
> line correctly when dx>0, dy<0, and dy>dx.  It mistakenly uses
> the shallow line code path, and the resulting line is always
> drawn as if dy=dx.
> I have attached a test case for the bug, and a patch to fix it.
> ~ John Williams

	I'm not sure but I think whoever wrote that intended that
at that point in the code the endpoints would've been exchanged
so that dy > 0, or something of that sort.
	There are actually some other bugs here and there in
imlib2 in various parts.. eg. the polygon drawing code has one
that ocurrs when all vertices are 'active'.. a somewhat uncommon
case and no one seems to have reported it so far. It also uses
a 'thick' kind of filling which I don't think is what one would
want for evas say.

	Clearly whoever wrote that stuff seems to have left things
in imlib2 languish since no improvements or fixes have ever been
sent on anything. :(