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Re: [E-devel] The Evas SVG loader

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006 05:42:11 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com" <jose_ogp@juno.com> babbled:

> > > Out of curiousity, what Inkscape uses for SVG? Do they have
> > > their own implementation?
> > 
> > they have their own.
> > 
> > as for us - until someone puts such things in a library - those
> > files wont display right so convert them into a png first. that's
> > life. yay. nothing much to be done.
> 	There are two separate aspects here - one is the ability to
> render the type of graphics/primitives that appear in svg, and the
> other is having the ability to parse SVG docs and convert this to
> a rendering pipeline for the former to use. Both of these are highly
> non-trivial.
> 	Librsvg is used by gnome (maybe also kde?), and seems to be
> the preferred svg-loading/rendering lib.. I'd imagine that if svg
> filters are now going to be extensively used in svg icons, then
> the librsvg devs are aware of this and are working to get them
> implemented - granted they have now moved to cairo for the rendering,
> and cairo has no support for filters, but it's possible that they
> could get around that.
> 	I can't imagine why people will begin creating svg icons
> that say gnome can't load.. What will gtk/gnome do in order to deal
> with this? Is there another svg-loading lib that they plan on using
> instead of librsvg?
> 	Anyway, other than raster's suggestion, a more ambitious
> alternative is for 'e' to create its own such. Not a "quick and easy"
> task.

indeed - doing our own svg loader is highly non-trivial. doing a full svg
renderer is also non-trivial (well ok to do a very slow one isnt too bad - to
make a fast one is a royal pita). jose is right - if inkscape add new filters -
great - but all of gnome's svg icons will break if they use these filters -
until librsvg is updated to do it too - if librsvg is fixed - they we also
inherit the fix. kde uses a different backend for svg to gnome and it would
also need updating :)

>    jose.
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