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Re: [E-devel] The Evas SVG loader

> > Out of curiousity, what Inkscape uses for SVG? Do they have
> > their own implementation?
> they have their own.
> as for us - until someone puts such things in a library - those
> files wont display right so convert them into a png first. that's
> life. yay. nothing much to be done.

	There are two separate aspects here - one is the ability to
render the type of graphics/primitives that appear in svg, and the
other is having the ability to parse SVG docs and convert this to
a rendering pipeline for the former to use. Both of these are highly

	Librsvg is used by gnome (maybe also kde?), and seems to be
the preferred svg-loading/rendering lib.. I'd imagine that if svg
filters are now going to be extensively used in svg icons, then
the librsvg devs are aware of this and are working to get them
implemented - granted they have now moved to cairo for the rendering,
and cairo has no support for filters, but it's possible that they
could get around that.

	I can't imagine why people will begin creating svg icons
that say gnome can't load.. What will gtk/gnome do in order to deal
with this? Is there another svg-loading lib that they plan on using
instead of librsvg?

	Anyway, other than raster's suggestion, a more ambitious
alternative is for 'e' to create its own such. Not a "quick and easy"