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[E-devel] The Evas SVG loader


Last night I talked with some Inkscape and Tango developers. They asked
me what Evas is using for it's SVG support, and I told them that it is
using librsvg2.

Inkscape 0.45 will be released very soon. And one of the new things in
it is the support of SVG filter effects. This effects are familiar to us
all - guassian blur, for example.

In this moment, all designers who are using Inkscape are drawing their
drop shadows, using dirty hacks - import blurred shadow from GIMP or
circular gradients. As of Inkscape 0.45 this will (finally!!!) stop and
all of us - the icon designers  will use normal way to make our
dropshadows - the SVG filters. => 99% of the icons and icon sets in will

The problem is, that librsvg2 does NOT support SVG filters. At first
look - this is not our problem and we have nothing to do with this. But,
1. This will cause problems in EFM's SVG thumbnailing. The SVGs wont
appear or wont appear properly;
2. Now, If I make a .desktop file using E with an SVG icon, it will
convert it to bitmap. Ok, but - if the icon is using filters (99% it
will, even mine!) it wont work (properly).

So, we must think of other way to display/use SVG files BEFORE the
release of Inkscape 0.45, which, I guess will happen soon.

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