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[E-devel] The exebuf, and asynchronous loading

A few months ago, I asked raster if it would be possible to make the
code that searched for the executables in it's own thread, since with a
large PATH variable, it would take quite a while to find any matches,
leaving E totally unresponsive. While he told me that it wasn't
possible, he still made finding the executables asynchronous, so it
didn't block the UI anymore.

Now, with the new .desktop handling with the icons, another problem has
arisen. Basically, it takes a long time (1s+) to find desktop icons for
the matched executables, which blocks the UI. I'd like to make the
necessary changes to fix this issue, the way raster did back then.
However, I've no idea what he did, my only guesses would be that an
ecore job or an idle handler might do the trick. I'd like to ask if any
of the two can be used to update the icons asynchronously, and if not,
what else can I use to do the job right?
Виктор Кожухаров /Viktor Kojouharov/

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