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Re: [E-devel] RFC: Proposed Config Panel Refactoring

Nikolas Arend wrote:
Landry, Marc-Andre wrote:
Christopher Michael wrote:
Mooo :)

Based on some recent discussion in the ml about the new Config Panel and the order of items listed, I am offering a "first stab" at this for review/reorder:

<---------- clip ------------>

Comments welcome :)

I think that "Extensions" could lead to some user miss understanding and
 that they belong to Screen and Advanced sections.

How about changing "Screen" to "Desktop" or something? "Screen" sounds a bit like hardware/X-server stuff. Then "Shelves" (and maybe also "Modules") from "Extensions" would fit into it a bit better also.

Best,   Nick.

Well, "Screen" does have todo with X server stuff (ie: setting resolution). "Desktop" doesn't really fit there...if anything I'd think about maybe changing to "Display".