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Re: [E-devel] Some TODO "enlightenment" please

On Sun, Nov 26, 2006 at 11:44:27PM -0600, Alberto wrote:
> But I do want to point out that a theme can has a many border styles as 
> u can think of, so the data {item: "shade" "0"; } option could be used 
> elsewhere. It just comes down to a matter of design and preferences. 
> Personally I prefer to click on a border button and see the client 
> window shade, instead of having to double click the titlebar. 
> Unfortunately such signal does not exist.

I agree that we have a little more work to do on the customizability of
borders and their actions. The current implementation uses named parts
(e.event.*) to trap events that perform actions. In E, there is an
action set up that shade's a window when the user double clicks ont he
border's e.event.titlebar part. So, for a border button that shades, we
would need to add an e.event.shade part and attach the 'shade toggle'
action to *that*. We would also need some way for the user to disable
shading when double clicking on the titlebar (either in the generic
mouse actions dialog, or maybe as an option in a window behavior dialog

Another feature I'd like to see is user-configurable locations of border
buttons. *Most* themes are designed in a way that rearranging the
buttons and border icon would look just as good. So, possibly a dialog
that lets you pick between basic (windows-like, mac-like, theme-default,
etc) modes, with an advanced dialog to specify "close on the left,
maximize and shade on the right, but leave off the minimize button since
i never use it". 

For this to be feasible, we'd have to break the buttons out into
separate edje groups, with SWALLOWS in the proper spots on the border.
(E.g. "e.swallow.buttons.left" and "e.swallow.buttons.right"). These
would swallow e_box's which would in lay out the requested buttons.

This does limit the flexibility on the part of the themer (no two
buttons could overlap in their boundaries for example), but gives much
more flexibility to the user. Really, there's no reason we couldn't
still allow the current style for themers that want it. We'd just need
to let the user know that certain border styles in the current theme
don't support button placement.