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Re: [E-devel] Some TODO "enlightenment" please

Alberto wrote:
Christopher Michael wrote:
Writting to try and get some clarification on a few TODO items:

<---------- snip -------------->
* make e internal windows (config panel, dialogs, config windows etc.) use special border styles by default.

Which style do we want by default?
Instead of using a border style that already exists, I suggest adding two or three new border styles, specific to internal E17 configuration windows. Their physics should differ from regular client borders.

That is the plan :)

For instance, dialog windows should not be re-sizable and they should not be allowed to shade. (they are the typical confirmation dialogs). Also, their border icon should probably match the confirmation dialog.

I think we can all agree that "popup dialogs" (ie: msg dialogs) should not be resizable, As for shading...IMHO, not a good idea :( These type dialogs are usually meant to notify the user about a question/problem. Allowing a user to shade them means allowing them to potentially ignore the dialog forever (ie: it got shaded and they forgot about it), which could render some pretty nasty problems if it was an important dialog/question/warning. By not allowing a shade/iconify on these, we force them to look at/deal with the dialog. Also (imho) they really shouldn't have a close button (read X in corner) for pretty much similar reasons.

Configuration windows could use the no_resize border that already exists (if its suitable for the window) but with an extra flag, these windows should not be allow to shade. If you don't exactly agree with this, then I suggest you at least allow the themer to set this flag within the border's edc source with an option similar to the shaped flag.

data {
   item: "shade" "0";

I'm with David on this one :) Some config dialogs you may want/need to be able to resize. As far as shading them, imho this should be allowed for these type of borders. I don't see much of a problem with allowing themers to use a "shade: 0" option....other than potential inconsistencies (ie: "User: E won't shade this window :("..."Devs: Theme issue")....imho doesn't provide a consistent "feel" to things. I'm all about allowing power user feaures and giving themers flexibility but something that makes the general interface behave differently on a per-theme basis needs to be thought out, discussed and either agreed on or shot down.