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Re: [E-devel] Some TODO "enlightenment" please

David Seikel wrote:
On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 16:42:20 -0600 Alberto <alberto@cored.org> wrote:

Christopher Michael wrote:
Writting to try and get some clarification on a few TODO items:

* IBar will resize itself down to single icon size on start/restart under some circumstances.

Any use cases? Reproduction methods?

* make e internal windows (config panel, dialogs, config windows
etc.) use special border styles by default.

Which style do we want by default?
Instead of using a border style that already exists, I suggest adding two or three new border styles, specific to internal E17
configuration windows. Their physics should differ from regular
client borders.

For instance, dialog windows should not be re-sizable and they should not be allowed to shade. (they are the typical confirmation dialogs). Also, their border icon should probably match the confirmation dialog.

Configuration windows could use the no_resize border that already
exists (if its suitable for the window) but with an extra flag, these
windows should not be allow to shade. If you don't exactly agree with
this, then I suggest you at least allow the themer to set this flag
within the border's edc source with an option similar to the shaped

I do disagree with this, as I resize config dialogs that contain long
lists so that I may see more of the list at once.  Just because we make
sure that the default size is suitable for people with 640x480 screens,
doesn't mean those of us with larger monitors have to be constrained to
that size.  Sometimes shading is used to temporarily get that large,
resized window out of the way.  B-)

On the other hand, maybe you are only talking about the simple Yes/No,
OK/Cancel type popups, that wasn't clear.  Those can be fixed size,
with a title bar though.
Right. I was referring to the Confirmation dialogs.
Still not sure why you would disallow shading
though.  I could never understand the people that insist on restricting
functionality for no good reason.
Perhaps you are right, that it was silly to suggest it, but this is why I wanted to emphasize, making it an option within the theme's source code, but since we are dealing with E's internal windows its probably for the best that they are as flexible as possible. Thus i retract the idea.

But I do want to point out that a theme can has a many border styles as u can think of, so the data {item: "shade" "0"; } option could be used elsewhere. It just comes down to a matter of design and preferences. Personally I prefer to click on a border button and see the client window shade, instead of having to double click the titlebar. Unfortunately such signal does not exist.
There needs to be a really good
reason if you ever decide to stop the power user from being able to do
anything they want.  "I never use it" is not a good reason.

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