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[E-devel] Some TODO "enlightenment" please

Writting to try and get some clarification on a few TODO items:

* IBar will resize itself down to single icon size on start/restart under some circumstances.

Any use cases? Reproduction methods?

* make e internal windows (config panel, dialogs, config windows etc.) use special border styles by default.

Which style do we want by default?

* accidental DND removals of icons from ibar - make it harder by not removing if you do not drag it far enough away (put the icon back where it was).

Drag Delta?

* remove a lot of ipc commands that should be done via the gui now

Is this safe/ok to start doing?

* maybe look at improving config panel layout - list is getting VERY long

What direction do we want to go with this? Winblows "Control Panel" type deal, or something "enlightened" ? :)