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Re: [E-devel] Edje text parts problem

Dunno, about the problem, but the name "E News" is not good. Just because
there are feeds not only for news, but for blogs as well.
Or something..?:-)

On 11/21/06, Laurent Ghigonis <ooookiwi@gmail.com> wrote:


I'm working on a theme for the E News module (a feed reader) and i have
a problem =)

I want 1 SWALLOW part ("image") and 2 edje TEXT parts
("date" and "text") side by side in a box ("base").


My problem is that i can't have the "text" part positionned at the end
of the part "date".
Like "date" is TEXT, it seems its size is not updating when the
object "base" grows, and so the "text" part is not placed like it

The corresponding peace of my edje code is attached, i tried many
different things, but i don't manage to have what i explained :(

any ideas / hints are welcome ! thanks


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