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Re: [E-devel] several issues

> Jan Rychter:
> > Indeed it does. Thanks again for the impressive bugfixing spree!
> No problems.

So, here's another one, again related to rotation on a Tablet PC screen.

Take a look at http://jan.rychter.com/files/e17/vert.png -- there are
two shelves on the bottom of the screen.

Now, http://jan.rychter.com/files/e17/horiz.png shows the same machine
after an XrandR rotation, observe the bottom left shelf going off the
edge of the screen, the E menu isn't even there.

Another rotation brings it back to normal.

I can't quite pinpoint it down, because it seems it doesn't always
behave that way. Sometimes rotating the screen works correctly,
sometimes it does not. Could it be related to restarting E17 in vertical