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Re: [E-devel] icons and svg icons

David Seikel wrote:
On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 18:07:12 +1300 Jochen Schroeder
<jochen.schroeder@gmail.com> wrote:

Jochen Schroeder wrote:
David Seikel wrote:
On Fri, 10 Nov 2006 12:31:20 +1300 Jochen Schroeder
<jochen.schroeder@gmail.com> wrote:
Sorry maybe I don't get it. Eterm -n ToDo sets the window name to
ToDo and then I tell e to match to that window name with:
so I don't need a window title. This has worked for me before and
I actually have a second .desktop file which does the exact same
thing just with a different WindowName and that one works. That's
why I don't quite understand what's going on. Do I now need to
set the IconClass as well?
It works on a scoring system, so the higher you can get the score
compared to other candidates, the better.  Window matching is not
an exact science.

I'm still banging my head against this. Now I tried to get this
working using aterm because I could not get rid of this with eterm.
With aterm it's even weirder: Ok here's my aterm.desktop file:
[Desktop Entry]
Just a note; WMClass = Xterm is what xprop tells me, I have tried
with Aterm as well, but I get exactly the same results

I believe you can get Eterm to change the WMClass.  The best solution I
have found to these sort of things is to use the Eterm magic option
(sorry, can't recall it right now) that sets the class, name, and title
to something unique, then match on all three.

The main problem is that if they are all set to exec=xterm,
class=xterm, name=xterm, title=something_unique then there is not enough
uniqueness, because name and class together get double points in the
scoring algorithm.

Well the -name option for aterm sets the window name, not the title. I'm actually trying to only use the name because the title is somewhat messy IMO, I just mentioned the title because I tried setting almost everything. However what I really don't understand is why, when I restart X suddenly all aterms have the icon from the notes application.