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Re: [E-devel] Evas fb engine failure

	Carsten writes:

> >	For gradients, I just sent you the last real api addition
> > that I have in mind for these.. the ability to set a (file,key)
> > on a grad obj, so one can load spectra from anything the image
> > loaders can load (along the new gimp "ggr" loader I included).
> this went in - right? (i think i put it in... right?) i am trying
> to catch up now  :) 

	No. If it did, then evas would now have api functs to set/get
such (file,key) on grad objs, and a "ggr" image loader. It also had
the beginnings of adding support for 'masks' to image objs.
	I doubt that you'd be able to apply the patch now since it
would likely conflict with changes made to evas since then.

	You may also want to take a look at that quick patch I sent
you for adding simple 'menu animations' to e17 and see if you want
to do something with that or not.

	I've held off on sending you any further patches so as not
to overwhelm you with things and such.
	However, it's starting to become problematic for me as well.
Let me think about this a bit.