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[E-devel] Theme: Japan 2007

Hi folks,

after moving from Dresden to Leipzig I finally had some time to update
Japan2007 to the theme-changes. It is working so far, except a few
things: borders and window buttons still don't react.
So could someone please have a look at [1] and give me a hint what I
need to change?

I also need to fix the lists and some icons, also add some other
shelf-styles, but that shouldn't be to difficult.

There are also good news for (former) users of eloquence:
It's working again, now embeded in the shelf. The're also some glitches,
mainly a segfault when comitting changes via the config-dialog, so
there's no upload now. I'll certainly fix this within the next days.

Best regards, and many thanks for any hints about the theme-stuff,

[1]: http://www.phriedrich.de/japan2007.edj

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