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Re: [E-devel] several issues

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 08:12:42 +0100 Jan Rychter <jan@rychter.com> babbled:

> I've noted several minor issues while using e17 on a Tablet PC (Fujitsu)
> and thought I'd report them here, as I can't fix them myself:
> -- maximized windows do not resize properly after an XRandR
>    rotation. Normal windows do The Right Thing, but maximized ones do
>    not. One has to unmaximize and then maximize again.

works here for me (tm) currently.

> -- the shelf does not do the right thing either: to see all of it on my
>    vertically oriented screen I have to restart enlightenment while X is
>    oriented vertically. Otherwise I end up with some of its components
>    off the right edge of the screen,

hmm - not sure what the config of your shelf is - but it works here for the
default setup.

> -- there is something fishy going on with icons. Application icons
>    regularly get messed up, e.g. I'd get the 'xterm' icon for another
>    app in the ibox. I can't really narrow it down (sorry) except that
>    they do get mixed up.

weird. works here. maybe its related to a bug that was long-standing in the ea
pps that i fixed.

> -- apps like merlin or xstroke (handwriting recognition) do not
>    work. Windows flash briefly, then disappear, never to be found
>    again. It seems e17 is intent on hiding them somehow. These apps do
>    something particular about their window, as they normally appear with
>    no decorations under other window managers.

as per the thread - its a bug in those apps :)

> The last one is a real showstopper.
> --J.
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