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Re: [E-devel] Minor ( mainly cosmetic ) bug with pager and window icons

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 09:31:41 +1000 Daniel Kasak <dkasak@nusconsulting.com.au>

> If a window gets closed on a desktop which isn't currently selected, the 
> window's icon in the pager will remain until the desktop gets selected 
> again.
> For example, if I open thunderbird, create a new email, send it, then 
> quickly switch to another desktop while thunderbird is talking to my 
> mail server, the pager will show at least 2 windows - the main 
> thunderbird window, the email I just composed ( and *sometimes* also the 
> send progress dialog ... but this usually disappears ), until I return 
> to that desktop. I've seen the same sort of behaviour with other apps. 
> When I select the desktop with thunderbird on it, the pager then shows 
> only 1 icon for the main thunderbird window.
> I've tried breaking things by dragging these 'phantom' icons to another 
> desktop, and they disappear when dragged. So I suppose it's mainly 
> cosmetic. It doesn't bother me - I just thought I'd report it.

well i am trying to reproduce - and i can't. my simple example: i open a
terminal and type:

sleep 5; exit;

and flip to another desktop. when the term exists the icon goes from the other
desktop pager too... hmm. so "works for me" :)

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