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Re: [E-devel] Putting GL-textures into Etk, Evas, bla bla... How to ch oke a horse with words.

> > A way to make it cleaner and more generic would be to do as
> > Jose said: render the OpenGL scene in a buffer, and render the
> > buffer content in an Evas image. This should even be compatible
> > with all the engines, but it may be a lot slower (I don't know,
> > I never did something like that).
>	It's bound to be considerably slower.. maybe depending on
> wether there's good 'render-to-texture' support. It's main worth
> is as you mention that it's evas-engine agnostic, and requires
> no changes to current evas.
>	There are still other options though yet to be explored.. :)

	Just to follow up on this a bit:

	Basically, what one wants here is a means to do one's own
'rendering' in a way that is 'fitted' to some given evas engine.

	The current argb32 data set/get mechanism for image objs
allows one to do this in a general way that works for all engines,
you can use your own routines, or a lib like cairo, or whatever..
but it requires that you render to an argb32 memory buffer.

	This is not very efficient compared to say using xrender
to draw to a pict, or gl to draw to a gl texture or pixbuffer, etc.

	One way to achieve this is to have engine specific "image"
objects. These would be declared in a header file much as is done
for the engine "info"... possibly in these very headers themselves.

	These engine specific image objs would then allow one to
set/get engine specific 'buffers' rather than argb32 mem buffers,
eg. xrender picts, gl textures or pixbuffers, etc. It would probably
not be that difficult to implement either.

	Any thoughts.... ?