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Re: [E-devel] E17 installer script.

Well, there are some other scripts for that purpose, such as Raster's
get_e.sh or easy_e17.sh. I've seen script for download/install E17 from CVS
even written in Python, but never in Ruby. So, thank you. Ruby fans will
like it and maybe will help you to improve it.
Also, you may be interested in EFL's Ruby bindings to write one very nice
GUI app for us. :-)

What's the license? BSD?


On 11/16/06, Eugen Minciu <minciue@gmail.com> wrote:


I've written a small script that downloads e17 from CVS and builds it.

It's written in Ruby. Sorry if you don't like that :). You'll need Ruby

It also does a few trivial checks for a few things (cvs, make, automake,
autoconf, gettext, libtoolize, pkg-config, autoheader).

It's output is rather clean as it logs the command's output to a log file.

There's a configuration file (which is written in ruby as well) that you
can modify.

The source is commented and so's the config file.
If anyone finds this useful, or interesting or has patches or whatever,
drop me a line.

Make it executable and run ./my_e or just run it with 'ruby my_e'

In the future, I will modify the script to stop when something doesn't
build properly (or prompt the user or whatever). Right now it doesn't
but a simple ^C will stop it.

Hope this is useful. Cheers.

Luchezer P. Petkov