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Re: [E-devel] ttf-dejavu fonts in default e17 theme ?

2006/11/16, Jan Rychter <jan@rychter.com>:

While I do understand what you're saying, I thought I'd pitch in -- I'm
not sure if you're aware of the fact that the DejaVu fonts are
derivatives of Bitstream Vera, with an extended character set.

This means that without changing *anything* but the font file, you'd
make lots more users happy. People who use Bitstream Vera and are happy
with it wouldn't even notice the change, as the characters that exist in
Vera are exactly the same in DejaVu. You're just adding Extended Latin,
Greek, Cyrillic, and a number of other special characters.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DejaVu_fonts for details.

I'm one of those people who need ISO-8859-2, and I also think that while
we should have a general solution, the default should address as much as
possible, especially if it's completely painless to implement.


1. I used it like this - font files + small change in
  font: "DejaVuSans.ttf"   "Edje-Vera";
  font: "DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf" "Edje-Vera-Bold";

ONLY FOR TESTS !!! - We must change all the name because of the Vera
User must know it is DejaVu not Vera. - It is not so hard to grep.

2. There is small, small change of the fonts hight - even beter look - not
so importent in the visualization.

3. And the last - the size of the files. It is double size 142k/66k

Yes it is small CVS change and big happy :) or rollback