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Re: [E-devel] default_clock.edc

2006/11/13, Aleksej Struk <astruk@gmail.com>:

> The problem is to change the aspect of the clock.
As far as I understand you want to change the theme and to have a clock
with different width and height automatically? If, yes then it is not
possible via the theme, since the default size of the gadcon client
is set inside the module implementation, and it is perfect squere NxN.
However, when you set "Able to resize option" the gadcon system allows
to change the size of the gadcon client.


Haw can I do it in edc file? Some aspect/resize signal ?
I suspect, that if you open the source of the clock module and inspect
_gc_orient function you will find what you want.


Yes, I know. I experiment with gadcon events/resize.  The gadcon client is
still square. The text/group is not and it is resizable-visible. There is
resize,..,start go stop. I try to emulate resize,set :)
It is not so simple (e_gadcon.c...). My image clock is not a square.

2006/11/13, Stafford Horne <shorne@softhome.net >:


If all you want to do is change the edj used for a certain part, like
clock, then you can use e_remote to set the theme for the clock category.

Look at e_remote -theme-list/-theme-set

[shorne@asus ~]$ enlightenment_remote -theme-list
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme" FILE="default.edj"
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme/modules/pager" FILE="ICE_2005.edj"
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme/modules/ibar" FILE="ICE_2005.edj"
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme/modules/clock" FILE="shorne-etheme.edj"

I use my own clock theme because I can't stand the original theme.


Thx. It is good.
I build my-e17 from default with my build.sh:
edje_cc $@ $EDJE_DEF --image_dir ./images --font_dir ./fonts default.edc -o