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[E-devel] Solaris edje troubles

Hi all,

I'm trying to compile enlightenment (CVS snapshot or fdo tarballs) on 
current Solaris Express with gcc 3.4.5 from blastwave and 3.4.6 from 
sunfreeware.com. EFL compiles fine but as soon as I compile 
enlightenment edje_cc segfaults:

#0  0xfed52e74 in evas_list_append (list=0x3dce8, data=0x40e48)
    at evas_list.c:90
#1  0x00022e78 in source_fetch_file (
    fil=0xffbff285 "../../data/init/default.edc", 
    filname=0xffbfe2c0 "default.edc") at edje_cc_sources.c:85
#2  0x000237f0 in source_fetch () at edje_cc_sources.c:211
#3  0x000132b0 in main (argc=15, argv=0xffbff03c) at

Any hints are greatly appreciated.