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Re: [E-devel] default_clock.edc

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 14:10:29 +0100
Wiesiek <efekty@gmail.com> wrote:

> I try to change  default theme.
> The problem is to change the aspect of the clock.
> For example[simplify] I want it to be a text clock. [see attachment]
> I set description aspect. But the gadcon_client is still the same.
> So I change the relative to see - it's working but...
> I know, I can manualy change it -  "Able to be resized" and manual resize -
> it's working.
> Haw can I do it in edc file? Some aspect/resize signal ?


If all you want to do is change the edj used for a certain part, like clock, then you can use e_remote to set the theme for the clock category. 

Look at e_remote -theme-list/-theme-set

[shorne@asus ~]$ enlightenment_remote -theme-list
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme" FILE="default.edj"
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme/modules/pager" FILE="ICE_2005.edj"
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme/modules/ibar" FILE="ICE_2005.edj"
REPLY: CATEGORY="theme/modules/clock" FILE="shorne-etheme.edj"

I use my own clock theme because I can't stand the original theme. 


> Wiesiek

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