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Re: [E-devel] Problems launching games using Cedega

On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 10:06 -0800, Eric Sandall wrote:
> Andrew Grimberg wrote:
> > Greets folks,
> > 
> > Ok, I know, the subject makes this look like a Cedega problem.  However,
> > I only ever have problems if I'm using E17 as my WM and I've tried it
> > under Gnome, KDE and Failsafe modes, ergo I'm really having to believe
> > it's E.  As I'm not getting any stack traces or anything from this let
> > me describe what I'm seeing.
> > 
> > First, here's the system configuration:
> > 
> > OS: Fedora Core 6
> > Graphics: nVidia Corporation GeForce 7900 GT (dual head card)
> > Graphics Driver: nVidia binary driver rev: 1.0.9629 built as a DKMS
> > module packaged by FreshRPMS / RPMForge.
> > E17: enlightenment-0.16.999.036-1.20061107cvs from Didier's RPM repo
> > (yesterday)
> > Cedega: 5.2.3 / 5.2.7 (interface / engine)
> > 
> > At present moment I only have the following games installed under
> > Cedega: Half-Life2 and World of Warcraft (run using opengl)
> <snip>
> OS: Source Mage GNU/Linux
> Graphics: nVidia NV31 GeForce FX 5600 rev A1
> Graphics driver: nVidia binary driver v1.0-9629 built from nVidia's
> source tarball
> E17: Latest from CVS
> Cedega: 5.2.7
> World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, Civilization IV, and others all run
> fine on E17 through Cedega for me. The problem is not E17.
> The OpenGL problem for WoW sounds like you didn't follow the directions
> when setting it up. Not only do you have to pass '-opengl' as a flag to
> Cedega, but you need to modify your WTF/Config.wtf to have:
>   set gxAPI "opengl"
>   set gxColorBits "24"
>   set gxDepthBits "24"
> As for Half-Life 2, I don't have that game, but Steam and Counter-Strike
> 1.6 work fine.

Done all that for WoW.  I've been playing the game under OGL for well
over a year now.  I suppose it may well be an issue with how things are
working under FC6.  But as I said, I only have this problem under E17
which is why I hit the list.  I've also opened a ticket with Transgaming
so hopefully someone will be able to help me with it.

BTB, are you running dual head on your system?


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