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Re: [E-devel] Problems launching games using Cedega

Andrew Grimberg wrote:
> Greets folks,
> Ok, I know, the subject makes this look like a Cedega problem.  However,
> I only ever have problems if I'm using E17 as my WM and I've tried it
> under Gnome, KDE and Failsafe modes, ergo I'm really having to believe
> it's E.  As I'm not getting any stack traces or anything from this let
> me describe what I'm seeing.
> First, here's the system configuration:
> OS: Fedora Core 6
> Graphics: nVidia Corporation GeForce 7900 GT (dual head card)
> Graphics Driver: nVidia binary driver rev: 1.0.9629 built as a DKMS
> module packaged by FreshRPMS / RPMForge.
> E17: enlightenment-0.16.999.036-1.20061107cvs from Didier's RPM repo
> (yesterday)
> Cedega: 5.2.3 / 5.2.7 (interface / engine)
> At present moment I only have the following games installed under
> Cedega: Half-Life2 and World of Warcraft (run using opengl)

OS: Source Mage GNU/Linux
Graphics: nVidia NV31 GeForce FX 5600 rev A1
Graphics driver: nVidia binary driver v1.0-9629 built from nVidia's
source tarball
E17: Latest from CVS
Cedega: 5.2.7

World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, Civilization IV, and others all run
fine on E17 through Cedega for me. The problem is not E17.

The OpenGL problem for WoW sounds like you didn't follow the directions
when setting it up. Not only do you have to pass '-opengl' as a flag to
Cedega, but you need to modify your WTF/Config.wtf to have:
  set gxAPI "opengl"
  set gxColorBits "24"
  set gxDepthBits "24"

As for Half-Life 2, I don't have that game, but Steam and Counter-Strike
1.6 work fine.


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